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Resource Center Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find copies of Oregon's workplace safety and health regulations?

The Oregon OSHA Resource Center distributes Oregon OSHA regulations in print and on CD-ROM. The most current regulations are on the Rules and Compliance page


Does Oregon OSHA have publications about workplace safety and health?

Oregon OSHA publishes a variety of brochures, fact sheets, and guidebooks; find a complete list on the Publications page. The Oregon Health and Safety Resource features news about Oregon OSHA along with useful workplace safety and health tips.

Your first copy of any printed publication is free; there is a charge for additional copies. For more information call the Resource Center at (800) 922-2689 or (503) 947-7453.


Does Oregon OSHA have motivational posters that promote a safe and healthful workplace?

"Hair today, gone tomorrow" (# 3363) cautions workers about the potential hazard of entanglement caused by unrestrained long hair.

"Don't find out by accident" (# 2988) warns workers about the potential hazards of burns and amputations in the food service industry.

Both posters are available from the Resource Center or you can order online. Call (800) 922-2689 or (503) 947-7453 for more information.

Motivational posters may also available through your workers compensation carrier or insurance carrier.


Where can I find out what abbreviations and acronymns used in Oregon OSHA's publications and materials mean?

Click here to see a list of abbreviations and acronyms. (pdf)


What are "ANSI standards" and where do I find them?

Consensus standards are developed by committees of experts from industry, labor, and government. These standards provide uniform methods for constructing, testing, using, maintaining, evaluating, or safeguarding a variety of products and services.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit agency that coordinates the United States' standardization activities, including the writing of consensus standards. ANSI does not write standards itself but rather facilitates and promotes the formation of consensus standards through other organizations. Government agencies such as Oregon OSHA have frequently adopted ANSI standards by reference or rely on them during the standards writing process because of the broad input and knowledge that went into their development. They are also sometimes used as the criteria for the accepted standard of practice within a particular industry. For more information about ANSI or to buy standards, go to www.ansi.org.


May I photocopy standards in the Resource Center collection?

While copyright policy does not allow you to make photocopies of our standards, you are welcome to take notes.


Do you sell standards? How much do standards cost?

The Resource Center does not sell standards, but in most cases a standard can be purchased through its sponsor organization or a standards clearinghouse. The Resource Center Librarian can provide you with contact information for these groups. Standards range in price from about $50 to more than $100.


What is the Oregon OSHA AV Library?

It is a comprehensive collection of workplace safety and health training materials available for loan to employers and workers in Oregon. It is a public service provided by the State of Oregon, Department of Consumer and Business Services, Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA.)

The collection covers a wide variety of subjects reflecting the diversity of occupations in Oregon. Oregon OSHA's technical staff has reviewed all AV library materials.


Who may use the Oregon OSHA AV Library? How do I obtain a borrower's account?

Any employer or worker within Oregon may use the AV Library. All borrowing privileges and loans are subject to the approval of the AV Librarian.

Each potential borrower must read, complete, and submit an Oregon OSHA Library Agreement (pdf).

Once your account is established, you will be assigned a borrower's number and a personal identification number (PIN). Keep these numbers in a secure location, as you will need both numbers to order materials through the Oregon OSHA Web site. We will also use this information to manage your requests quickly and accurately.


I don't live in Oregon; may I use the AV Library?

The AV Library does not loan its materials to borrowers outside Oregon, with the exception of Oregon OSHA's copyright-free grant programs. Contact the AV Librarian at (503) 947-7453.


How many titles do you have in the AV Library? Do you carry DVDs?

The AV Library has more than 1,000 items in its collection. Although the majority of the collection is in VHS, we began adding DVDs in 2006. Check out our newest titles (pdf) or the complete catalog (pdf).


How many items can I check out at one time? May I reserve my choices in advance?

Borrowers may check out up to five titles at a time.

Advance scheduling is strongly encouraged, especially for high-demand seasonal topics such as winter driving or heat stress.

Use our Web site to schedule your choices.


Do you charge for rentals? What about a shipping charge?

We do not charge a rental fee to use videotapes or DVDs from our collection. Borrowers are responsible for return shipping costs. Prices for return shipping vary by carrier.

Borrowers must use a delivery service that is a "traceable carrier."

You may also deliver the returned items in person.


What is a "traceable carrier?"

A traceable carrier provides a tracking number for each package in transit. Traceable carriers include UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

Use of a traceable carrier is essential. If the material is lost in transit, a tracking number helps us to locate the missing material while protecting your borrowing privileges.


When I use a traceable carrier to return my materials do I still need to insure the package?

No. If a traceable carrier is used, no additional insurance is required. If you choose to insure your package, please request coverage of $500 per title.


May I use USPS "book rate" or "media mail?" to return materials? What about the state shuttle system?

No. Neither USPS "Book Rate" nor "Media Mail" meet the requirements for traceability or insurance. Please do not use "Book Rate" or "Media Mail" to return Oregon OSHA materials.

State employees may not return AV Library materials on the state shuttle because it is not a "traceable carrier."


What sort of packaging should I use to return my videotape or DVD?

Please return your material in a sturdy cardboard box. You can even use the box that the item was shipped in. Just turn the box inside out, add a mailing label, and take it to your local traceable carrier (as described above.)

Always cushion the videotape or DVD with bubble wrap or other clean packing material to protect the contents in transit.

Also, please remember to complete and return the "Oregon OSHA AV Library User Satisfaction Questionnaire" included in each delivery. We appreciate your comments!


May I return my materials in person? Do you have a drop box for returns?

Borrowers are always welcome to return their materials in person, thereby avoiding the return shipping charge. Staff members are available to receive your returned materials, 8:00-12:00 p.m. and 1:00-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed on state holidays.

Please bring your returns to the Resource Center located in the basement of the Labor and Industries Building at 350 Winter Street NE in Salem. Short-term parking is available on Winter Street NE.

We do not have a street-side drop box for returned materials.


May I check out materials in person?

Yes, you may set up a borrower's account and check out materials in person.

Be aware that last-minute, walk-in selections may not be available due to prior reservations. We will try to assist you in finding alternative titles that are available that will meet your needs.

Staff is available to assist you, 8:00-12:00 p.m. and 1:00-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed on state holidays.

The Resource Center is located in the basement of the Labor and Industries Building at 350 Winter Street NE in Salem. Short-term parking is available on Winter Street NE.


How long may I keep AV materials?

Library materials are due back at the Oregon OSHA Resource Center two weeks from the checkout date.


May I keep a videotape/DVD past its due date? Do you charge fines for overdue materials?

No, you may not keep an item past its due date. Videotapes and DVDs must be returned on time.

A pattern of late returns and/or inappropriate use will put your account in jeopardy with possible suspension of borrowing privileges.

Our collection is very popular and it is likely that another borrower is waiting for the material when it is returned. Like any cooperative effort, using the Oregon OSHA AV Library requires attention to the rights and privileges of others as well as to your own needs. Staying on schedule allows us to serve all borrowers' training needs in a timely manner.

If you are unable to return library materials by the scheduled return date, contact the AV Librarian immediately at (800) 922-2689 or (503) 947-7453. You must request an extension before the original due date.

The AV Library does not charge overdue fines.


If an item is lost or damaged while I have it checked out, am I responsible?

As specified in the AV Library Agreement, the borrower is responsible for paying the full replacement cost of any items, including cases, lost or damaged during the loan period.

If you lose or break borrowed material, please contact the AV Librarian immediately at (800) 922-2689 or (503) 947-7453. We will work with you to arrange for a replacement.


I really like a videotape/DVD that I borrowed. May I copy it?

No, you may not copy AV Library materials, with the exception of Oregon OSHA's copyright-free grant programs. Material that may be duplicated is clearly noted in the catalog with a letter "G," indicating that it is a grant-funded production.

Borrowers agree not to duplicate copyrighted titles. The producers with whom we work are demonstrating sincere commitment to public service in allowing their products to be made available for loan. Failure to respect the rights of our suppliers will result in immediate cancellation of borrowing privileges.


I really like a videotape/DVD that I borrowed. How can I buy a copy?

The AV Library does not sell videotapes or DVDs, but we can provide you with contact information for many of the companies that we have used. Contact the AV Librarian at (800) 922-2689 or (503) 947-7453..


I got a video or DVD from the library and it didn't work. What should I do?

We try to send out all videotapes and DVDs in good working condition but sometimes problems happen with our materials or your equipment. If an item borrowed from the AV Library appears to be damaged in any way, don't use it in your machine.

If sufficient time remains before your viewing date and another copy is available, we may be able to offer you a substitute.


How can I give you my comments about the AV Library, its services, and collection?

Please tell us if an item did not meet your expectations. Your assistance helps us to pinpoint items that may need to be reviewed due to content, format, or condition. Also, please tell us if you felt a title was fantastic. We greatly appreciate hearing about "customer favorites!"

Enter comments about specific videotapes/DVDs online. (Select a title, click borrower reviews, and then add your review.)

Also, please remember to complete and return the "Oregon OSHA AV Library User Satisfaction Questionnaire" included in each delivery. Your comments help us evaluate our collection and its effectiveness.


I saw a great program at a training workshop but you don't have it in your collection. May I suggest this title as a possible purchase for the AV Library?

Yes! We are always interested in hearing about new workplace safety and health materials. Many of the titles in our collection were initially brought to our attention by our customers.

If a title fits our library mission and budget and passes Oregon OSHA's technical review we would be happy to consider that videotape or DVD for our collection.


Will using AV Library materials satisfy Oregon OSHA training requirements for my organization?

Just viewing a videotape or DVD does not satisfy Oregon OSHA training requirements in most cases. Library materials are intended primarily to assist and supplement training by a qualified instructor.

For more information, read the Oregon OSHA publication "Be Trained!"or speak to one of Oregon OSHA's technical specialists at (800) 922-2689 or (503) 378-3272.