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New website coming soon

Oregon OSHA is launching a new website this week. You will need to update your bookmarks.
The new website is designed to work well on mobile devices and increase accessibility for people with disabilities.

Awarded workplace education and training grant materials

See also: Grant programs

Oregon OSHA's Safe Employment Education and Training Advisory Committee (SEETAC) provided funding for this educational material. It is copyright-free and may be duplicated.

Questions? Call the Oregon OSHA Resource Center (800-922-2689 or 503-947-7453).

Easy Ergonomics For Caregivers

Sponsor: Associated Oregon Industries

Description: Reviews basic ergonomics principles such as force, posture, and repetition. Demonstrates examples of good ergonomic practices, with emphasis on getting close to your work, pivoting with your feet, safe resident transfer, and use of a fall kit when lifting residents who have fallen.

Available formats:
YouTube video

Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Ergonomics Curriculum

Sponsor: University of Oregon. Labor Education and Resource Center (LERC)

Description: The purpose of the Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Ergonomics Curriculum is to provide a road map for using the curriculum effectively. While teaching skills and experience are helpful, a person who is familiar with firefighting and/or EMS work and spends sufficient time becoming familiar with the materials should be able to make good use of the curriculum. This guide offers general information concerning the training philosophy behind the curriculum and specific guidance on how to use the modules.

Available formats:
Web page
YouTube video
DVD, CD and printed material - Borrow from Resource Center (V1254)

Hearing Conservation For At Risk Workers

Sponsor: Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Description: Geared especially to construction and trades workers who may already have some hearing loss, this comprehensive training package covers: The nature of sound and how the ear processes sound; the causes and types of hearing loss; the importance of identifying noise hazards; and the use of the proper hearing protection for the work setting.

Available formats:
Quick Time 88.6 MB
Real Player 3.8 MB, 49.4 MB
Windows Media 5.8 MB, 41.2 MB

How to Comply with OSHA's Electrical Standards

Sponsor: NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center

Description: NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center's free online course, NFPA 70E - How to Comply with OSHA's Electrical Standards

5 Lesson modules and quizzes on:

  • Electrical hazards and injuries
  • OSHA electrical regulations
  • Control of hazardous energy
  • Electrical specific PPE & OPE
  • Indroduction and application of NFPA 70E concepts

Available formats:
View a PowerPoint primer of this course, or access the full course at: www.nietc.org/online-education.

To obtain full course access, or for any questions about the course, contact Barry Moreland, Safety Director at the NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center. bmoreland@nietc.org (503) 501-5066

Safe Patient Handling in Health Care

Sponsor: Oregon Nurses Association, Bay Area Hospital, and University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center (LERC)

Description: Provide nurses and health care works with tools to reduce work related MSD injuries. Enhances patient and family understanding regarding comfort and security of patient handling equipment. 30 minutes.

Available formats:
Web page
VHS tape, printed material - Borrow from Resource Center (V1212)

Safe Resident Handling Program

Sponsor: University of Oregon. Labor Education and Research Center (LERC)

Description: The purpose of the Safe Resident Handling Program guide is to provide step-by-step instructions to assist long term care facilities in developing an effective and sustainable SRH program. This guide is designed for use by those at long term care facilities such as skilled nursing homes, assisted living or residential care interested in transitioning their facility into a Facility of Choice for safe resident handling.

Available formats:
Web page

Safety Begins With ME!

Sponsor: The Mid-Willamette Metals Consortium

Description: Safety Begins With ME! was developed by The Mid-Willamette Metals Consortium, who recognize the need for safety to be more than an institutional program. Safety is also an employee mind set and commitment that must be present every day in all that we do. Safety Begins with ME! was designed to help employees understand the central role they play in creating a safe work environment. It introduces basic ways that every employee can help create a safe work culture.

Available formats:
Web page

The Four Elements of Safety: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls While Working in the Woods
Los Cuatro Elementos de Seguridad: Evitando Resbalones, Tropezones y Ca├şdas Cuando Trabajen en la Sierra

Sponsor: Northwest Forest Worker Center

Description: This guide is your training tool for teaching forest workers and their families about the hazards that come with working on uneven terrain with roots, rocks, slash and other obstacles on the ground. The information is tailored for workers in Oregon, but most of it is relevant for forest workers throughout the U.S. To teach this session, hold the guide so that the illustrations or photos face toward the workers you are training. On the other side are the instructions for what to say and do during the session.

Available formats:
Full Guide - PDF - English - or - Spanish
10-minute guide - PDF - English - or - Spanish

Watch that Dog!

Sponsor: Unknown

Description: Dog bites injure 1 to 3.5 million people in America each year. 'Watch That Dog' explains basic protection and provides insight into the mannerisms of various types of dogs. Tells how to protect yourself from possible attack and injury. 10 minutes

Available formats:
Quick Time 90.4 MB
Real Player 3.9 MB, 76.8 MB
Windows Media 5.8 MB, 46.8 MB
DVD - Borrow from Resource Center (D85)