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Oregon OSHA's Mission

To advance and improve workplace safety and health for all workers in Oregon.


Values that support our mission


We take pride in producing the highest-quality work and in making the best decisions possible through partnerships with business, labor, and other government agencies.


Effective leaders at all levels of our organization listen, then seek win/win solutions to challenges,communicating clear goals and providing Oregon OSHA staff with the tools to accomplish work successfully. Leaders delegate responsibility and authority, and ensure accountability at every level.


Oregon OSHA involves all employees in decisions that affect work. We follow through on decisions, assuming responsibility and accountability for outcomes.A process facilitated by understanding our roles and responsibilities.


We respect and value others' ideas and backgrounds, creating a work environment that strengthens the capabilities of all. We conduct recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion practices to enhance the diversity of our workforce.


We commit to working together to achieve our mission and goals throughout Oregon OSHA, sharing information and resources freely.


We recognize effective communication in its many forms as the foundation for our work processes, and commit to communicating with honesty, civility, and respect.

Customer service

We recognize that we assist both labor and business, and we commit to providing timely, courteous, and professional services and information to Oregon employers, workers, and others regarding workplace injury and illness prevention.


All Oregon OSHA staff commit to building and maintaining partnerships with Oregon organizations and individuals with an interest in workplace safety and health, recognizing that the division's continued effectiveness in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses depends on the support provided by management, labor, and government.


In fulfilling our mission of advancing and improving workplace safety and health for all working Oregonians, we continually seek balance, fairness, and reasoning in our approach, endeavoring to make every contact with the public a learning experience.