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Interagency Agreements

Oregon OSHA is considered a "state-plan state," which means that most authority for workplace safety regulation falls to state government. There are a few exceptions for federally managed programs, including tribal relations, maritime, and federal government operations.

In 2005 we received final determination to fully manage our own OSHA program. The key document reflecting our operation is the Oregon OSHA State Plan narrative.

To further clarify jurisdiction and promote cooperative working relationships with federal OSHA and other state agencies, we have a set of interagency agreements, or Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs). The full set of MOUs is presented here in three categories: general, clarifying our jurisdictional arrangement with federal OSHA; federal, clarifying jurisdiction with other federal agencies operating in Oregon; and state, clarifying jurisdictional responsibilities with other Oregon state or federal agencies.



These general agreements spell out jurisdiction in Oregon between federal OSHA and Oregon OSHA:

G1: Operational Status Agreement (pdf)
Operational Status Agreement between OSHA and Oregon OSHA

G2: Agreement between OSHA Region 10 and Oregon OSHA (pdf)
Subject: Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility

G3: Agreement between OSHA Region 10 and Oregon OSHA (pdf)
Subject: Emergency response coordination

G-4: Agreement between OSHA Region 10 and Oregon OSHA (pdf)
Subject: Federal - Special Government Employees (SGE) on State of Oregon VPP sites


These federal agreements flow down to Oregon OSHA and spell out jurisdiction between us and various federal agencies:

F1: OSHA and U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration (pdf)

F2: OSHA and U.S. Coast Guard Go to Web site

F3: OSHA and MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) Go to Web site

F4: OSHA and U.S. NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) Go to Web site

F5: OSHA and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Go to Web site

F-6: OSHA and US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board on Chemical Incident Investigations Go to Web site


These state agreements clarify jurisdiction and working agreements between Oregon OSHA and other state or federal agencies:

S1: Oregon OSHA and BOLI, Civil Rights Division (pdf)
Subject: Discrimination

S2: Oregon OSHA and BOLI, Wage & Hour Division (pdf)
Subject: Farm worker camps

S5: Oregon OSHA and DEQ (pdf)
Subject: Asbestos

S6: Oregon OSHA and Oregon State Fire Marshal (pdf)
Subject: Fire and hazardous materials

S7: Oregon OSHA and Oregon Department of Agriculture (pdf)
Subject: Pesticides

S8: Oregon OSHA and DHS/Public Health Division/Office of Environmental Public Health (pdf)
Subject: Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

S-9: Oregon OSHA and U.S. EPA (pdf)
Subject: Worker Protection Standard

S-10: Oregon OSHA, U.S. EPA Region 10, and others (pdf)
Subject: Clean Air Act

S-11: Oregon OSHA and Oregon Pesticide Analytical and Response System (pdf)
Subject: Pesticides

S-12: Oregon Health Licensing Agency (pdf)
Subject: Formaldehyde Hazards

S-14: Oregon OSHA, Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services, and Oregon Department of Revenue (pdf)
Subject: Farm worker camps, New/Renovated Housing Tax Credits

* S-15: Center for Health Promotion and Prevention (OHA), Oregon OSHA, and the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, Adult Lead and Epidemiology Surveillance (pdf)
Subject: Public Health Division providing lead testing
* Including Amendment #1

S-16: Oregon Public Utility Commission and the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon OSHA
Subject: Jurisdiction, responsibilities, and investigations