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Interagency Agreements

Oregon OSHA is considered a "state-plan state," which means that most authority for workplace safety regulation falls to state government. There are a few exceptions for federally managed programs, including tribal relations, maritime, and federal government operations.

In 2005 we received final determination to fully manage our own OSHA program. The key document reflecting our operation is the Oregon OSHA State Plan narrative.

To further clarify jurisdiction and promote cooperative working relationships with federal OSHA and other state agencies, we have a set of interagency agreements, or Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs). The full set of MOUs is presented here in three categories: general, clarifying our jurisdictional arrangement with federal OSHA; federal, clarifying jurisdiction with other federal agencies operating in Oregon; and state, clarifying jurisdictional responsibilities with other Oregon state or federal agencies.



These general agreements spell out jurisdiction in Oregon between federal OSHA and Oregon OSHA:


These federal agreements flow down to Oregon OSHA and spell out jurisdiction between us and various federal agencies:


These state agreements clarify jurisdiction and working agreements between Oregon OSHA and other state or federal agencies: