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Publications by Title

ABCs of Construction Site Safety guidebook

Agricultural Labor Housing Inspection Checklist checklist

Agricultural worker housing rules - Important information brochure

Air You Breathe: Oregon OSHA's Respiratory Protection Guide for Agricultural Employers guidebook

Annual OSHSPA Report report

Asbestos - Rules of Abatement guidebook

Asbestos Exposures - What Building Owners Need to Know brochure

Aspectos Básicos del Lugar de Trabajo: Información no complicada para empleadores y empleados brochure

Audio Visual catalog catalog

Audio Visual Library Agreement form

Audio Visual Library New Arrivals brochure

Aviso de Sanidad en el Campo poster

Back Injury Prevention Guide for Health Care Providers guidebook

Be trained! Your guide to Oregon OSHA's safety and health training requirements guidebook

Bloodborne pathogens: questions and answers about occupational exposure guidebook

Breathe right! Oregon OSHA's guide to respiratory protection for small-business owners and managers guidebook

Buy Quiet Posters (NIOSH) guidebook|poster

Cartel de Seguridad e Higiene de Oregon OSHA poster

Checklists (Self-Inspection)

Cold stress card card

Con agua uno rinde mas. poster

Confined spaces and permit spaces guidebook

Consigue un Empleo, Trabaja de Manera Segura brochure

Construction Depot Newsletter newsletter

Construction Ergonomics - Protect Your Back and Your Future brochure

Construction Ergonomics - Protect Your Shoulders and Your Neck and Your Future brochure

Construction Ergonomics: Protect Your Knees and Your Future brochure

Consultation Services brochure|reference

CPR trained sticker

Cranes and derricks in construction guidebook

Cultivate a safe agricultural workplace guidebook

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre comités de seguridad y reuniones de seguridad para trabajadores agrícolas
Quick facts for employees about safety committees and safety meetings for agriculture workers

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre de enfermedades causadas por el calor
Quick facts for employees about the dangers of heat illness

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre el cloruro de metileno
Quick facts for employees about methylene chloride

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre el ácido fluorhídrico
Quick facts for employees about hydroflouric acid

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre equipo individual
Quick facts for employees about personal equipment

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre escaleras portátiles
Quick facts for employees about portable ladders

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre hojas de seguridad
Quick facts for employees about safety data sheets

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre las volcaduras de tractores
Quick facts for employees about tractor rollovers

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre los diisocianatos
Quick facts for employees about diisocyanates

Datos Rápidos para trabajadores sobre los riesgos de operar montacargas operados con gas en espacios interiores
Quick facts for employees about the risks of operating gas powered forklifts indoors

Dictionary of commonly used terms in various industries (English to Spanish translation) dictionary

Dictionary of commonly used terms in various industries (Spanish to English translation) dictionary

Don't find out by accident! (11x17) poster

Don't find out by accident! (8x11) poster

Easy ergonomics: a practical approach for improving the workplace guidebook

Escaleras Portátiles: Como usarlas sin sufrir caídas guidebook

Evaluating Your Computer Workstation guidebook

Excavations guidebook

Expecting the unexpected; what to consider in planning for workplace emergencies guidebook

Fact Sheet: Aluminum phosphide and Fumigation Management Plans for burrowing pests

Fact Sheet: Aluminum phosphide and Fumigation Management Plans for structures

Fact Sheet: Asbestos

Fact Sheet: Asbestos training

Fact Sheet: Bloodborne pathogens

Fact Sheet: Chemical storage guidelines - agricultural pesticides and chemicals

Fact Sheet: Chemical storage guidelines, flammables

Fact Sheet: Cleaning and Decontamination of Ebola on Surfaces Federal OSHA

Fact Sheet: Como usar líneas de advertencia - buenas prácticas en la industria de la construcción

Fact Sheet: Compressed air piping systems

Fact Sheet: Compressed gas safety

Fact Sheet: Confined spaces

Fact Sheet: Controlling hazardous fume and gases during welding Federal OSHA

Fact Sheet: Controlling Hexavalent Chromium Exposures during Electroplating Federal OSHA

Fact Sheet: Craft distilleries

Fact Sheet: Crane standard

Fact Sheet: Crane timeline

Fact Sheet: Crowd Management Safety Guidelines for Retailers Federal OSHA

Fact Sheet: Eyewash and safety showers

Fact Sheet: Fall protection trigger heights for general industry

Fact Sheet: Field sanitation for agricultural hand labor

Fact Sheet: Fire extinguishers / emergency action plan / fire protection

Fact Sheet: Flammable liquids

Fact sheet: Flexible cords and cables for general industry

Fact Sheet: Ground-fault circuit interrupters GFCI

Fact Sheet: Hazard Communication and the Globally Harmonized System

Fact sheet: Hazard communication in Agriculture - GHS Training Requirements

Fact Sheet: Hazard Communication Standard's label requirements

Fact Sheet: Hazardous energy control (lockout/tagout)

Fact Sheet: Hexavalent chromium

Fact Sheet: Hexavalent Chromium Hazards in Bridge Painting Federal OSHA

Fact Sheet: High-visibility safety apparel

Fact Sheet: Inquiring Ears Want to Know - a fact sheet about your hearing test NIOSH

Fact Sheet: Isocyanates

Fact Sheet: Lasers: Safe work practices

Fact Sheet: Lead in construction

Fact Sheet: Lockout/Tagout for the automotive repair industry

Fact Sheet: Loss-prevention services for employers

Fact Sheet: Mold

Fact Sheet: Motor vehicle safety for employers and employees

Fact Sheet: Noise exposure and hearing conservation

Fact sheet: Operating powered industrial trucks (forklifts)

Fact Sheet: Personal protective equipment

Fact Sheet: Personal protective equipment - who pays?

Fact sheet: Powder-actuated tools

Fact Sheet: Power line safety - evaluating the work zone

Fact Sheet: PPE requirements for agriculture

Fact Sheet: PPE Selection Matrix for Occupational Exposure to Ebola Virus

Fact Sheet: Protección de la respiración - agricultura

Fact Sheet: Recording and posting work-related incidents

Fact Sheet: Reporting work-related incidents

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - agriculture

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - agriculture, Russian version

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - voluntary

Fact Sheet: Safety and health hazards in nail salons

Fact Sheet: Safety committees and safety meetings - agriculture

Fact Sheet: Safety committees and safety meetings - general industry/construction

Fact Sheet: Safety orientation for seasonal workers in agriculture

Fact Sheet: Ship's ladders and alternating tread stairs

Fact Sheet: Sit-stand workstations

Fact Sheet: Standard railings for general industry workplaces

Fact Sheet: Tarping and fall protection - information for truckers

Fact Sheet: Using Warning Lines: Construction Industry Best Practices

Fact Sheet: Water temperatures referenced in Oregon OSHA's rules

Fact Sheet: What is a material safety data sheet (MSDS)?

Fact Sheet: Wood dust

Fact Sheets

Factsheet: All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

Fall Protection for the Construction Industry guidebook

Fall Protection: Options for specialty contractors brochure

Fall Protection: Options for specialty contractors - Russian language brochure

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting and bracing wood trusses and rafters brochure

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting and bracing wood trusses and rafters (Russian) brochure

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting floor joists, sheathing/decking, and constructing exterior walls brochure

Field Guide for Danger Tree Identification and Response guidebook

Field Sanitation Notice poster

Follow the manufacturer's instructions guidebook

Forest Activites Reference Card card

Forest Activities News newsletter

Forest Activities News volume 2 newsletter

Forestry Poster poster

Form and document samples

Foundation of a safe workplace guidebook

Get A Job, Work Safe brochure

GHS-aligned Hazard Communication Standard guidebook guidebook

Globally Harmonized System Pictograms Card poster

Grant Pre-qualification Form for Safety and Health Education and Training Grant Program form

Hair today gone tomorrow (Poster) poster

Hazard Alert: "Nose Guards" for cut-off, inverted swing cut-off, and similar saws

Hazard Alert: Aerial lift hydraulics fire hazard

Hazard Alert: Asbestos - Automotive brake and clutch repair work

Hazard Alert: Asphyxiation in pits - Potential confined space problem

Hazard Alert: Blades for cut-off type industrial saws (Fire Service)

Hazard Alert: Carbon monoxide poisoning from an internal combustion engine

Hazard alert: Chain shot in logging hazard

Hazard Alert: Christmas trees harvesting, processing, and loading

Hazard alert: Comubstible dust

Hazard Alert: Confined spaces - winery vessels

Hazard Alert: Crowding the rigging

Hazard Alert: Crushing hazards associated with dumpsters and rear-loading trash trucks Federal OSHA

Hazard alert: Diacetyl and flavorings

Hazard Alert: Diisocyanates in spray-on (truck) bed liners

Hazard Alert: Electrical hazard - call before you dig!

Hazard Alert: Engulfment and suffocation in grain bins

Hazard Alert: Exposure to hazards associated with temporary enclosures Federal OSHA

Hazard Alert: Farm tractor use to move large bales NIOSH

Hazard Alert: Farm tractor use to move large bales NIOSH

Hazard Alert: Garbage truck - Lockout/Tagout failure

Hazard Alert: Gravity kills, be alert for fall hazards

Hazard Alert: Guidance For Controlling Potential Risks To Workers Exposed to Class B Biosolids NIOSH

Hazard Alert: Hair smoothing products and formaldehyde

Hazard Alert: Hazardous Dust Control During Tuckpointing NIOSH

Hazard alert: Hydrofluoric (HF) acid in commercial cleaners for vehicles

Hazard Alert: Ignition hazard from drilling into sealed frames of agricultural equipment NIOSH

Hazard Alert: Lathe operation safety

Hazard Alert: Lime sulfur reacts to form deadly hydrogen sulfide gas

Hazard Alert: Liquid propane tanks and heaters used in construction

Hazard Alert: Metal halide lights

Hazard Alert: Methylene Chloride - bathroom fixture refinishing

Hazard Alert: Peligro de quemaduras causadas por reguladores recargados

Hazard Alert: Pneumatic nail gun use

Hazard Alert: Refueling gas cans inside pickup truck beds with liners

Hazard alert: Regulator burnout danger

Hazard Alert: Restaurant hazards

Hazard Alert: Traffic hazards to Fire Fighters while working along roadways NIOSH

Hazard alerts

HAZWOPER - A Planning Guide for the Perplexed guidebook

Health Care Assault Log form

Hearing Protection Quick Guide guidebook

Heat safety: Water. Rest. Shade. The work can't get done without them. brochure

Heat stress card poster

It's not just dust! What you should know about silicosis and crystalline silica guidebook

Keratin-Based Hair Smoothing Products and the Presence of Formaldehyde report

Landscaping Profession Information guidebook

Law Enforcement Agencies Policy Development Guidelines brochure

Lead & Lead Poisoning brochure

Lead in construction quick guide guidebook

Lista de Chequeo Para la Inspección de Viviendas de Trabajo checklist

Lockout/Tagout guidebook

Machine Safeguarding and the Point of Operation; A Guide for Finding Solutions to Machine Hazards guidebook

Machines used in Forest Activities reference

Nail salons: How to be safe at work brochure

Nail salons: How to be safe at work, Vietnamese language brochure

NIOSH: Protecting Yourself from Cold Stress poster

Occupational safety for the death care industry guidebook

Overhead line safety act brochure

Permit Application - Radio-Tone-Controlled Devices card

Pesticide Emphasis Program Annual Reports report

Pesticide Use and Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Revised March 2014 brochure

Pesticide Worker Protection Standard Reference Guide brochure

Pictogramas del Sistema Armonizado Globalmente poster

Plomo y Envenenamiento por el Plomo brochure

Portable ladders: How to use them so they won't let you down guidebook

Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training Manual guidebook

PPE hazard assessment quick guide guidebook

Preventing Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories guidebook|web only

Protección Contra Caídas: Opciones para contratistas especializados brochure

Protección Contra Caídas: Prácticas seguras para instalación de vigas en el piso, trabajos de revestimiento de cubiertas y construcción de paredes exteriores brochure

Protección Contra Caídas: Prácticas Seguras para Instalar y Reforzar Armaduras de Cubierta y Cabios de Madera brochure

Protect your back and your future (poster) poster

Prácticas de Seguridad Cuando se Trabaja con Químicos Agrícolas Peligrosos

Put it in writing! Your guide to Oregon OSHA's required written materials guidebook

Recording Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA 300 log) form|guidebook

Registrando Lesiones y Enfermedades Laborales (diario OSHA 300) form|guidebook

Reporting requirements card poster

Resource Center: Your one-stop source for workplace safety and health information brochure

Resource Newsletter newsletter

Rules that have special requirements guidebook

Safe practices when working around hazardous agricultural chemicals brochure|guidebook

Safety & Health poster poster

Safety committees and safety meetings quick guide guidebook

Safety committees and safety meetings quick guide - agriculture guidebook

Seguridad en el trabajo para menores brochure

Seguridad sobre el calor: Agua. Sombra. Descansos. Sin ellos no se puede trabajar. brochure

Silica - An Oregon OSHA pocket reference reference

Sticker or Sign: Danger! Fall Hazard. Do not cross without fall protection. poster|sticker

Sticker or Sign: ¡Peligro! Peligro de caída. No cruce sin protección contra caídas. poster

Sticker: Bad water! Do not drink. - ¡Agua no potable! No Tomar sticker

Sticker: Don't block electrical switches or panels sticker

Sticker: Emergency phone numbers sticker

Sticker: First Aid trained sticker

Sticker: Lift equipment sticker

Sticker: Léa, antes de lavar la ropa que usó mientras aplicaba pesticidas sticker

Sticker: Prevent accidents for abrasive wheel machinery and tools sticker

Sticker: R-Rated equipment

Sticker: Read before washing clothing worn while applying pesticides sticker

Sticker: Safety committee sticker

Sticker: Safety Saves for hard hat sticker

Sticker: Warning all machine guards must be secured sticker

Sticker: Warning Do not use around energized electrical equipment sticker

Sticker: Warning unlawful to operate within 10' of high voltage lines sticker

Stopping for water keeps you going. poster

Supported scaffolds for the construction industry guidebook

Tarjeta de Consulta de Actividades Forestales card

Tarjeta de Estrés por el Calor card

Tarjeta de Estrés por el Frío card

Tips for safely employing young workers brochure

Training for Safe and Effective Logging Techniques guidebook

Underground Construction (tunneling) guidebook|web only

Understanding, recognizing, and solving ergonomic hazards in long-term care: a hands-on training for safety committees brochure

Vehicle safety for small businesses in the construction industry guidebook

Violence in the workplace: Can it happen here? guidebook

Vivienda de Trabajadores Agrícolas Información importante reference

Voluntary Protection Program brochure

Warning labels and stickers

Workplace 101: Uncomplicated information for employers and employees from Oregon OSHA brochure

Yarding and Loading Handbook guidebook

Yarding Logging Safety- Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation guidebook

You've got your whole life ahead of you...
Safety at work for young workers

Youth @ Work - Talking Safety High School Curriculum brochure

Youth Worker guide from F.A.C.E. guidebook

¿Qué es PESO? brochure