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Div 4, Agriculture


Div 4, Agriculture

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Division 4 Agriculture

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Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Hazard Alert: Lime sulfur reacts to form deadly hydrogen sulfide gas 4/8/13

Hazard Alert: Ignition hazard from drilling into sealed frames of agricultural equipment NIOSH 7/21/03

Hazard Alert: Guidance For Controlling Potential Risks To Workers Exposed to Class B Biosolids NIOSH 7/10/02

Hazard Alert: Farm tractor use to move large bales NIOSH 7/20/01

Hazard Alert: Engulfment and suffocation in grain bins 10/3/11

Factsheet: All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) 6/11/14

Fact Sheet: Water temperatures referenced in Oregon OSHA's rules 11/20/12

Fact Sheet: Safety orientation for seasonal workers in agriculture 2/23/12

Fact Sheet: Safety committees and safety meetings - agriculture 1/5/11

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - agriculture, Russian version 11/7/07

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - agriculture 4/17/09

Fact Sheet: Protección de la respiración - agricultura 11/7/07

Fact Sheet: PPE requirements for agriculture 3/27/13

Fact Sheet: Field sanitation for agricultural hand labor 4/10/13

Fact Sheet: Chemical storage guidelines - agricultural pesticides and chemicals 1/2/07

Fact Sheet: Aluminum phosphide and Fumigation Management Plans for structures 3/19/14

Fact Sheet: Aluminum phosphide and Fumigation Management Plans for burrowing pests 3/19/14

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre las volcaduras de tractores
Quick facts for employees about tractor rollovers

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre comités de seguridad y reuniones de seguridad para trabajadores agrícolas
Quick facts for employees about safety committees and safety meetings for agriculture workers


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