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Confined spaces

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Current rule activity

* Adopted rule changes to Confined Spaces Standard for General Industry and Construction Administrative Rules 10/24/14


Div 2, General Industry, Sub J

General Environmental Controls

Div 2, General Industry, Sub L

Fire Protection

Div 3, Construction, Sub C

General Safety and Health Provisions

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub J

Work Environment

Interpretations | Program Directives | Alerts


Carbon Monoxide Gas Formation in Closed Dairy Equipment 5/14/15

Train the Trainer 7/24/13

Retrieval systems 7/24/13

Rescue work in confined spaces 7/24/13

Fall Protection in Confined Spaces 10/9/12

Entry rescue 9/23/96

Using PVC for general ventilation 6/26/96

Program Directives

Citations: Paperwork and Written Program Violations 5/6/16

Confined Spaces and Permit Required Confined Spaces in General Industry and Construction 12/31/14

Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Hazard Alert: Garbage truck - Lockout/Tagout failure 8/7/13

Hazard Alert: Exposure to hazards associated with temporary enclosures Federal OSHA 5/30/02

Hazard Alert: Engulfment and suffocation in grain bins 10/3/11

Hazard Alert: Confined spaces - winery vessels 2/21/14

Hazard Alert: Asphyxiation in pits - Potential confined space problem 8/7/13

Fact Sheet: Confined spaces - crawlspaces and attics 2/9/16

Fact Sheet: Confined spaces 7/31/13

Checklists and Fill-in Forms

Alternate entry form form

Confined space/permit space evaluation survey form

Confined spaces: permit-required checklist

Entry permit form

Permit space evaluation form form

Permit space program form


Publications | Education | Related | Video


Form and document samples 1/10/12

Confined spaces and permit spaces 11/20/14

Occupational safety for the death care industry 9/23/14

Education and training

Online Courses / Current Workshops

All Class Materials

Confined spaces Class Materials

Confined Space Safety Instructor Guide

Confined Space Safety Workbook

PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Additional training resources

Confined Spaces online training course

Tools and resources

Summary of Comments and Agency Decisions to Confined Spaces in General Industry and Construction (Final rule adopted 10/20/14, AO 5-2014)

Summary of Comments and Agency Decisions to Confined Spaces in General Industry and Construction (Final rule adopted 9/28/12, AO 6-2012)

Trench Cave In - Video clip

Video/DVD Library

Look for Confined spaces videos on our Resource Center Website

Streaming or download video

Trench Cave In - Video clip

Related information

Comparison Document for Confined Spaces, Oregon OSHA Administrative Order 6-2012, adopted 9/28/2012, effective 4/1/2013