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New website coming soon

Oregon OSHA is launching a new website in the coming weeks. You will need to update your bookmarks.
The new website is designed to work well on mobile devices and increase accessibility for people with disabilities.


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Law Enforcement 12/3/12

Jurisdiction for farms when the farm's only employees are family members 8/23/11

Jurisdiction over Adult Foster Homes 1/22/10

OSEA Act 3/16/05

Recordkeeping requirements for prisoners 1/23/04

Jurisdiction over non-profit organizations 8/14/02

Jurisdiction of city, state & county employees 3/6/01

Jurisdiction of employees working on mine property 1/23/01

Jurisdiction of Tribal and Native-American owned enterprise 12/1/98

Rail Car Workers 11/13/97

Application of rules and sole proprietorship 6/27/97

Volunteer Fire Departments 5/7/92

Program Directives

Jurisdiction: Independent Contractors, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and Corporate Officers. 11/17/15

Jurisdiction: Mine Safety and Health Administration 8/25/05

Jurisdiction: OSHA and U.S. Coast Guard Authority Over Vessels 8/25/05

Memorandum of Understanding Between Federal OSHA and Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division, OSHA Instruction CPL 2.92 8/25/05

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Oregon OSHA, and the United States Coast Guard 4/12/12

Radiation: Inspecting NRC - Licensed Nuclear Facilities 2/5/08


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Education and training

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PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Tools and resources

Field Inspection Reference Manual (FIRM) Word doc

Field Inspection Reference Manual (FIRM) PDF

Video/DVD Library

Look for Jurisdiction videos on our Resource Center Website

Related information

Federal OSHA: Aircraft Crew Safefy

Inspection Exemption Criteria

Interagency Agreements

Oregon OSHA Advisory Committees

Oregon OSHA Alliances

ORS 654, the Oregon Safe Employment Act

OSHA VS. OR-OSHA Jurisdiction in Oregon