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Machine guarding

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Current rule activity

* Text of adopted changes to slide guard use in Division 3, Construction Rules 3/1/16

* Adopted changes to slide guard use in Division 3, Construction Rules 3/1/16


Div 1, General Admin

437-001-0760 Rules for all Workplaces

Div 2, General Industry, Sub O

Machinery & Machine Guarding

Div 2, General Industry, Sub R

Special Industries (includes Electrical Power, Grain Handling Facilities, Ornamental Tree & Shrub Services, Pulp--Paper & Paperboard Mills, Sawmills, Telecommunications)

Div 3, Construction, Sub I

Tools - Hand and Power

Div 3, Construction, Sub N

Helicopters, Hoists, Elevators, and Conveyors

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub O

Equipment Guarding

Div 7, Forest Activities, Sub H

Machines used in Forest Activities

Interpretations | Program Directives | Alerts


Installation of metal and woodworking machinery 5/18/99

Guarding on printing machines 5/11/99

Radial arm saws 1/8/97

Craftsman Radial Arm Saw 3/10/95

Guarding of Machinery by Location 5/17/94

Wire Wheel Guarding 4/8/94

Excavation/Competent person and radial arm saw guarding 9/30/91

Chain-type Radial Arm Saw Lower Blade Guard 4/30/91

Makita Powered Mitre Box Saw 1/16/90

Program Directives

Forging Machines 8/25/05

Guarding: Power Transmission Belts 8/25/05

Guarding: Alternative Methods for the Oil and Gas Drilllling Industry 8/25/05

Guarding: Awareness Barriers Metal Cutting Shears 8/25/05

Guarding: Cut-Off Wheels and Masonry Saws 8/25/05

Guarding: Inclined Belts on Light and Medium Duty Sewing Machines 8/25/05

Guarding: Metal Lathe Chucks (Engine Lathes) 8/25/05

Guarding: Portable Abrasive Grinders When Used for Internal Grinding 8/25/05

Guarding: Portable Belt Sanding Machines 8/25/05

Guarding: Power Press Brakes 5/14/13

Guarding: Radial Arm Saws 8/25/05

Guarding: Scissor Lift 8/25/05

Guarding: Three-Roller Printing Ink Mills 8/25/05

Guarding: Tongue Guards on Grinding Wheels 8/12/09

Guarding: Woodworking Machinery 8/25/05

Machine Guarding: Mechanical Power Presses 11/13/13

National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Amputations 10/15/15

Power Presses: Presence Sensing Device Initiation 8/25/05

Slide-lock use to control hazardous energy on machinery 3/4/15

Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Hazard Alert: Lathe operation safety 3/12/15

Hazard Alert: Crushing hazards associated with dumpsters and rear-loading trash trucks Federal OSHA 12/9/03

Hazard Alert: Christmas trees harvesting, processing, and loading 9/20/07

Hazard Alert: Blades for cut-off type industrial saws (Fire Service) 4/2/07

Hazard Alert: "Nose Guards" for cut-off, inverted swing cut-off, and similar saws 6/27/08

Checklists and Fill-in Forms

Abrasive wheel equipment grinders checklist

Machine guarding checklist


Publications | Education | Related | Video


Sticker: Warning all machine guards must be secured 8/4/06

Hair today gone tomorrow (Poster) 8/19/05

Machine Safeguarding and the Point of Operation; A Guide for Finding Solutions to Machine Hazards 3/30/15

Warning labels and stickers 7/31/06

Education and training

Online Courses / Current Workshops

All Class Materials

Machine guarding Class Materials

Lockout/Tagout and Machine Safeguarding Printable Online Course Material

Lockout/Tagout and Machine Safeguarding Instructor Guide

Lockout/Tagout and Machine Safeguarding Workbook

PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Additional training resources

Slide Guards online training course

Slide guards | Tablas Contra Deslizamiento (PESO)

Tools and resources

Preamble to Compactors and Balers in General Industry (Final rule adopted 07/07/09, AO 7-2009)

Video/DVD Library

Look for Machine guarding videos on our Resource Center Website