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Respiratory protection


Div 2, General Industry, Sub I

Personal Protective Equipment

Div 2, General Industry, Sub L

Fire Protection

Div 3, Construction, Sub E

Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub I

Protective Equipment

Div 7, Forest Activities, Sub D

Personal Protective Equipment and Programs

Interpretations | Program Directives | Alerts


N-95 Respirators 8/29/12

Train Workers in a Manner They Understand 5/4/10

Definition of Administer as applies to Respiratory Protection 10/31/08

Tuberculosis and Enforcement of Respiratory Protection Standard 2/11/08

Fire Code Interpretations, Personal Protective Equipment requirements of the 2 in 2 out rule 3/26/03

Arsenic 11/29/01

Respiratory Protection 8/17/99

Written respiratory program 3/16/99

Temporary Agency Employers - Requirements of Respiratory Protection 1910.134 11/20/98

Required alarms for respirators & oil-lubricated air compressors 2/6/98

Fire Fighters--Minimum number to respond to structural fire 6/14/96

Lead in Construction: Observer respirator requirements 11/14/94

Program Directives

Citations: Paperwork and Written Program Violations 1/25/12

Enforcement Procedures for Occupational Exposure to Formaldehyde (A-159) 9/9/05

Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Silicosis 10/17/08

Methylene Chloride 8/25/05

PPE: General Industry 1/25/12

Respiratory Protection: Bureau of Mines Approved Gas Mask Canisters 8/25/05

Respiratory Protection: General Guidelines 3/25/13

Respiratory Protection: Possible Defects on Scott Air Pak Il/IIA and Presur-Pak Il/IIA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) 8/25/05

Tuberculosis: Enforcement Procedures and Scheduling for Occupational Exposure 9/16/14

Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Hazard Alert: Respirable Crystalline Silica Exposures During Tuck Pointing NIOSH 11/12/99

Hazard Alert: Preventing adverse health effects from exposure to beryllium in dental laboratories Federal OSHA 5/14/02

Hazard Alert: Potential hazards associated with the refurbishing of gas meters Federal OSHA 10/24/01

Hazard Alert: Methylene Chloride - bathroom fixture refinishing 7/31/13

Fact Sheet: Wood dust 5/15/06

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - voluntary 5/16/14

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - agriculture, Russian version 11/7/07

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - agriculture 4/17/09

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection 8/19/05

Fact Sheet: Protección de la respiración - agricultura 11/7/07

Fact Sheet: Personal protective equipment - who pays? 5/30/08

Fact Sheet: Personal protective equipment 2/24/12

Fact Sheet: Isocyanates 12/28/11

Checklists and Fill-in Forms

Respiratory protection program required elements checklist


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Form and document samples 1/10/12

Air You Breathe: Oregon OSHA's Respiratory Protection Guide for Agricultural Employers 3/11/10

Asbestos - Rules of Abatement 11/1/07

Breathe right! Oregon OSHA's guide to respiratory protection for small-business owners and managers 6/25/14

It's not just dust! What you should know about silicosis and crystalline silica 8/7/12

Occupational safety for the death care industry 9/23/14

PPE hazard assessment for general industry quick guide 1/12/12

Silica - An Oregon OSHA pocket reference 2/27/06

Education and training

Online Courses / Current Workshops

All Class Materials

Respiratory protection Class Materials

Lead in Construction Printable Online Course Material

Silica Printable Online Course Material

PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Tools and resources

Technical Manual, Sec. 8, Ch. 2: Respiratory Protection

Technical Manual, Sec. 8, Ch. 2: Respiratory Protection

Video/DVD Library

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Related information

Federal OSHA Respiratory Protection Videos

NIOSH Fact Sheet "Getting optimal performance from a PAPR depends on the condition of its battery!"

Video: La Diferencia entre Las Mascaras de Respiración y las Mascaras Quirúrgicas - from US Dept of Labor

Video: Respirator Safety - from US Dept of Labor

Video: Seguridad de Máscaras de Respiración - from US Dept of Labor

Video: The Difference Between Respirators and Surgical Masks - from US Dept of Labor

Washington State's Hop Dust and Respiratory Disease Fact Sheet


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